I'm curious about this (don't take it seriously)?

I'm a mixed carribean black (NOT African American black) and my boyfriend is African black and chinese, but he doesn't look the slightest bit Asian. We are both 17 and althogh I'm not planning on having any babies anytime soon it really got me thinking about what our kids would look like since he is mixed but looks so black
  • They would look 100% black
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  • There would be some major Asian throwback
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  • They would look partly black
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  • They would look racially ambiguous
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  • This isn't something to have an "opinion" about, consult a doctor


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  • There's no way of predicting this.
    And when two people both of mixed ancestry get together to have a child things get really complicated.

    Take singer Omarion for example. He is black but my eye tells me he is probably griffe (a black person who has strong white or native American ancestry) so he's mixed, but take a look at his son
    Many people say his son looks mexican or southeast asian).

    And this is the mother of Omarion's son. She's 1/2 chinese 1/2 black (but leans a bit more black looking).

    Myself, I don't look the the same ethnicity of neither of my parents.


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  • it depends on who's genes are stronger and more dominant, really. but they'd probably look mostly black.

  • It's hard to say. It has to do with who has the dominant genes.


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