How do I get her back?

Me and this girl were dating since January and we called it quits in June. Stayed talking as friends but then last month i called it quits coz she couldn't commit.
We haven't spoken since early July.
I know she still thinks about me coz she only used whatsapp for me, and when i check on her she's last seen every 1-2 weeks i have gut instinct she's checking up on me, how do i start talking to her again?


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  • Why did you break up? Honestly if you regretted it you should have acted on it sooner. Once a guy breaks my heart I get over it and move on. There's no going back. Ever. I may wish I could but once those wounds are healed they are healed.

  • just say hello. ask her how she's been. tell her you miss her or hope she's doing well.


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