It is true for the most part that most white people from the south are really trashy?

I've seen blogs where lots of people are planning to leave because lota of the girls down there have kids or have kids from mutliple guys. I've heard most the uneducated people live inthe south. That lots of people act like thugs and just shitty in general. Lota of the charm down there is fake. Most people who vote republican come from the south. Poeple who dont beleive in evolution and global warming all from the south. What are your thoughts on this, especially if your fromthe south.


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  • If you go to the back woods... Yes.

  • White people are trashy period. They also like incest, are racist, pedophiles, have creepy fetishes, slutty white women, the white men are secretly bisexual. While people are arrogant and stuck up and boring


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  • Only ignorant people would actually believe those things about the South.


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