Guys, is he getting bored of me?

I have been texting this guy I met online for a couple of months now. It was great at the beginning and we used to text constantly. it seems to have filtered off a bit and he's not as full of conversation. We swapped pics and he always seems really pleased. When we do chat, there's no doubt he's definitely interested. He'll say that's he's going to bed and he'll talk to me tomorrow but he's still online. This is the same time every night nearly. We planned on meeting up when I passed my driving test which I did on Saturday past. Ever since then, he seems yo have stopped being quite as forward.
I hate over analysing all this but I really need to know what to do. I really like him and he always tells me he really likes me too.
Has the novelty of texting a new girl worn off? I'm worried that sending regular pics have put him off me (though he always seems pleased.)
Do you think he's bored now?


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  • I think he has lost interest, or met someone else.


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  • Tell him you really feel.


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