Whenever I ask her to go out to eat with me she always has an excuse?

She and I are definitely more than friends. We talk to each other a lot and we make out a lot when its just me and her. Her parents don't want her to date right now. She invites me over to her house to hangout with her, but her parents are always around and we have to sort of pretend like we're just friends, but I think her parents already kind of know what's going cause I think its obvious. Do you think she doesn't want to go on dates cause she's guilty of going behind her parents back?


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  • this sounds lame but a lot of girls have problems eating in front of guys, I use to be that way at the begining of frreshmen year but now I'm totally comfortable eating in front of guys and do it often. she's probably insecure about it but it won't last long I promise. ask her to do something else, like go to the mountains (if you live close) or come watch movies at your house or something. from what you said it definitely seems like she's in to you.

    hope this helps.

    • Well she's gone with me out to eat with me one time. I like to get something to eat rather than go to the movies cause I actually like talking to her and getting to know her. I could take her to the beach, but its kinda cold haha.

    • Go for a walk on the beach then cause that's really cute

    • Yeah I could

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  • Ask her. It sounds simple, but it's probably your best bet if you want a straight answer.

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