How to know if a guy is catching the feeeels?

I am sure this has been asked a milion times but still I am curious if you have been dating a guy for awhile how do you know he is getting feelings?



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  • Usually the best way to know when someone truly cares about you is not during times of peace, but times of trouble. And it could be any kind. I know lots of people who can say they care and even pretend, but when it is of times of difficulty that people show you who they really are. More importantly, they show you how they really feel. When you're having a hard time, how hard does he try to help you? How much does he try to make you feel better? When he is struggling, how much is he letting you in? He doesn't have to say anything, but watch how he acts. Some guys don't say how they feel with their words, but they will always show it though their actions. You'll feel it in your soul when you see them hurt when you're hurt. A bond that is not of blood, but closer than family. To truly love someone more than yourself. So watch how he acts and reacts to you.


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  • He tells you. There are no sure fire signs. You might think a guy is trying to be romantic but he possibly might just be a really nice person and tries to make everyone happy.

    • Most guys don't tell you though I am not talking about love just you know feelings

    • Like most guys dont explain you things when you need some sort of explanation

    • I'm sorry but there's just no absolute way of knowing. You just have to have faith that they do. That's what relationships are, taking risks.

  • If u don't know how will I know


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