My boyfriend's parents don't like him coming over, please help?

Last night my boyfriend was at my house only for an hour because his parents told him he couldn't stay any later, I offered to give him a lift home and everything but he always never lets me because he thinks its out of my way, even though he only lives like four blocks away, it's generally walking distance. Just before he left, he told me that his parents complained to him about having to pick him up from my house constantly and that they didn't like him coming here and rathered me go there, so that would be the "last time", in their words.

I do like my boyfriend's family, I just don't feel comfortable always going to his house because they're a bit restrictive and my parents are more understanding, don't interrupt us and allow him to leave whenever he likes, plus he is really close with my parents. I don't think his parents like me, but he's 18 and it makes me angry that he can't stand up for himself, what can I do in this situation?


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  • I would just try to reduce the conflict and friction with them as much as possible and try to arrange transportation without them. If he can walk, then why are they driving him so much? Could he buy a bike maybe?

    • He has a skateboard and wants to get his license but they won't allow him to, like you know how you need enough hours to be eligible, they won't let him do his hours. There is other ways of transportation, but his parents WANT to pick him up from mine, but then they complain about having to do so? It's just too confusing

    • Yes, they sound very weird! Unfortunately, this is problem with over bearing parents and living under their roof. (Their roof, their rules). Maybe you need to get to know them a bit better. Right now they may feel like you are "stealing" their son from them and are trying to hold on too tightly. Maybe try to give his parents another chance to get to know you.

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  • Tell him the best way to turn you on is to stand up for himself and your relationship to his parents. Works for most of the people I know.


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