What is going on here with this guy/what does this mean?

Long story short, knew this guy for 5 years, and finally were in the same city and both single so we went on 2 dates within a week because we didn't want to wait to see each other, then we slept together (very drunk) and it wasn't awkward at all the next day. He texted me for 4 hours each day since, him initiating everything, then but today, we texted 1 hour after I texted him and haven't heard from him in 6 hours. I don't usually require much texting but the fact that he was so heavy on the texting and then nothing makes me concerned. I haven't seen him in 3 days but I hope we make plans for this weekend. Too much, too soon? Or since he was the one texting so much maybe he's pulling away/playing it cool? What does this mean?
I should probably mention the conversation was already hard today because his former classmate got shot and died. So there wasn't a whole lot to say and I think I got "too deep" about appreciating life, blah blah... and then silence. haha.
So now I haven't heard from him in exactly 1 day but he liked my status this morning? What the heck?


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  • He's playing it cool.


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