Should I delete my ex off facebook?

Long story short, my ex broke up with me last October because he said he wasn't looking for a relationship and just wanted to be by himself. I cut all contact with him and stopped talking to him. However, he would keep texting me once in a while. A mutual friend found him on dating website the day after he dumped me.

Anyway, he's been texting me since then and recently asked to meet up as friends once in a while. I told him sure and it wouldn't be a problem. I told him to let me know about the time and place and that we would be sorted afterwards (we had planned to meet Sunday but hadn't decided on the time/place). He's left me hanging like this a couple of times before but I've always ignored it.

I now haven't heard from him since Sunday but have seen him online on fb, liking posts and coming on Whatsapp once in a while. I've planned on deleting him Sunday midnight. Should I go through with it or just leave him on fb but stop liking his stuff?


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  • Keep him on Facebook just if he messages you asking to meet don't and if he keeps messaging you then delete him.


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