Dating a flirtatious girl: yes or no?

Some girls are naturally more flirtatious and playful around boys whether they are in a relationship with someone or not and in most cases they have LOTS of "close" male friends (which is my case). Now this girl actually said to me that she really likes me and that she has feelings for me and often brings up the two of us being in a relationship. If it's so than i shouldn't be worried to make things official with her, right? opinions about this or people sharing experiences with this type of girl are more than welcome.
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  • Not a good idea.

    • no dating for me anymore... she just friendzoned me, i am part of her male friends now... the one time i love someone and this had to happen and as to the reason why she friendzoned me well i don't even words for it, sooo far fetched and just pfffff not even worth it... anyhow thank you guys and girls for your time, guess i should just move on...

    • @Asker

      Kek, I dunno what you expected to be honest, man.

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  • I would not. Admittedly, I can get a bit jealous and possessive but that's only because I want my sweetie all to myself. I don't want a girl to be flirty with another guy and then give off the wrong impression and something happens.

  • Date her. When she continuously leads guys on and then rejects them BECAUSE she's with you, you'll probably feel pretty good about yourself.

  • Not necessarily a good idea, but worth a try still


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