His parents got divorced and we're drifting away, why?

I've been on this long distance relationship for two months (today!!) with him. We've been very tight even before dating, and he used to be nuts about me. I'm not boasting myself, he really didn't make an effort to hide it. And so was I, and still am. I love him and he's assured me that so does he. But lately (I've put the blame on his parents' divorce but I'm not sure) he's become distant and cold, and I can't deny it hurts like a bitch. I confronted him about it and even tried breaking up, and he stopped me and said that unless I was sure I wanted that and didn't love him anymore, he wouldn't let me. We've even talked about this before, but no change. Dude is like a dead guy, I feel like I'm annoying him whenever I want to talk and he seems to have lost all interest on calling and texting. Please help me because this is eating my brain up


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  • my parents got divorced at your age to, he is probably crazy with emotional distress right now, depression anger, anxiety and it will only get worse especially if he took a side. he might blame himself. just be there for him , dont push any issues, keep in mind he will over react at times, he probably doesn't know what to do or feel, he's seeing his parents relationship and fearing it in yours, he will see insignificant similarities , so just ease up on him, give him a bit of space, if u love him u can deal with it. how long has it been since the divorce? and again let him know u love him and ur there for him, and ur not going anywhere ,

    • His dad moved out two days ago but the thing has been going on for a while now. He predicted it. He doesn't really like his dad, he always described him as just someone who yelled a lot. I can deal with it but I'm not really sure what to do. Should I stay around and be persistent or should I get lost for a little bit?

    • dont push but stay near, if he needs space give him space, if he needs love I've him love. give him the chance to be a better man then his father. dont be to persistent, maybe take him someplace he loves to go one night especially if u hate it and he knows it, means a lot

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  • The same thing your boyfriend is doing to you is the same thing I'm doing to my boyfriend right now because of my parents going through a divorce. I honestly didn't realize I was ignoring him a lot until he mentioned it to me. The only thing you can do really is talk to him and be patient.


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  • He's going through a lot right now. You're not priority with him


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