I just want to text him... Advice?

I don't know how I am going to handle this... two months ago I stop talking to this guy I was with for/ four months. One day I can be completely fine without him and the next day I miss him like crazy. A month ago I text him apologizing for the for my actions that I could of handle the situatuion differently, what I mean when things ended I deleted him off of facebook and I don't regret it one bit because at that moment that what I wanted to do. So when I texted him apologizing he never texted back and I wasn't supprise since how things ended but I felt right sending that text. The next day I get call and when I was looking at my phone it said a different from a town, thats 25 mintues away, so answered it I all I heard was breathing and wind in the background and said hello butch of times and no one said anything. so then I hung up I look at my call log and realize it was him that called me. I forgot that when he calls it sadis a number from a different town, where he used to live, since his number wasn't in my phone anymore I didn't notice right way. It threw me off because I thought maybe he butt dail me but how can that be possbile when him and I haven't talk in a good while so I shouldn't be in his recent call log to accidenlty butt dail me, so I don't know what to think about that. Long story short about two weeks ago, I send him a friend request on facebook to show okay lets put this behided us, he rejected my friend request so I am assuming he is still mad at me? Tommorrow he is going to be the first time I'll see him since everything happened and we go to the same college and tommorrow is the first of classes. I don't how to handle seeing him, I do miss and I wanted him back but I will not make a move to do so. We are both adults he is 33 and I am 24. I don't know what to really do if I do see him... (I just want to text him and say do you believe in second chances?) I miss him and I just need advice on what to really do... I have been going on with my life but the heart wants what it wants


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  • I like that text! Do you believe in second chances. Why not? Go ahead and send it. Just that line, nothing else. Good luck!

    • I saw him on campus today he just look right at me and kept on walking and he never replied back to me text

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  • just text him then, he might give it a second chance.


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