Does he like me even if he says he doesn't?

I bonded with this Ralph guys over how similar we are. We became close quickly and started doing everything together just as friends. He's the gym type so he's always around girls although je tries to hide it from me even if i really don't care. Now, suddendly guys started showing interest in me and I started going out with a guy named Jem and Ralph stopped talking to me until a few weeks later he told me it was because he was jealous, but not in the boyfriend way. He cares for me and feels like I'm his sister and he felt like I was replacing him with Jem. A few weeks later I broke things off with Jem and Ralph kinda used me to make Jem jealous in really subtle ways. However, we've said many times that there is nothing between us! Our friends think he likes me because he calls me "girl" and is always watching out for me and defending me. We don't care if we use each other's shoulders in the bus to rest our heads but it's never in a romantic way! I've screwed up many times and he alway forgives me (which he never does with other people). I personally thought he just saw me as a friend he could talk to with no "love" in the way, but the other day he took me to an amusement park and paid for everything, which i was uncomfortable with. He says he likes me because I'm bitchy and funny but deep down I care for him, but like i said, people keep telling me he likes "likes" me. Apparently when I talk about guys he just shuts up and he's completely different with me than with other friends but I have NEVER noticed that. To me he just acts like a close friend who protects me and vice versa. And i guess he has some issues with jealousy or something, but it doesn't necessarily mean he loves me, right? By the way, if you were wondering, he's way outta my league if we're talking body, cuz i'm just ordinary so he couldn't possibly like me for my physical traits)


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  • Yeah he does.


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