Great question about a bad date?

Well I went on a 2/3rd date with the girl. Was great fun, but I didn't take up the offer to go back to hers afterwards not mentioning why..
Reason is earlier that day I was at the cemetery visiting a parents grave, and my mind was as far away from sex as you could imagine...
Rang her the next day and she hung up on me, and barely contacted me back.
I don't feel the need to explain myself to her, or apologize. I am just assuming if this is her attitude I will let it all be. ( also taking into account maybe she felt rejected )
Does anyone disagree with this train of thought?


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  • Agrèed.




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  • Yes. I agree with you. But maybe give her a second chance like you'd want her to give you one?

    • Yeah it's odd... I dont have any negative feelings towards her over this, just thinking maybe let some of the awkwardness die down a little first

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    • If you take weeks, she'll forget about you man...

    • Nah, she won't lol... I'll pm you in a week

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  • I agree...


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