Do most guys flirt with other girls online when the are in a relationship?

I just did a lot of digging on my boyfriend because i was getting a bit suspicious and i found a lot on him. He has online dating profiles and talks to other girls. I confronted him but he said it means nothig to him and he would never physically cheat on me.. and he has a problem bc he likes the attention. I said am i not enough for you? He said im more than enough, its just a "different" kind of attention he needs from other women and wants to know he's atteactive and desirable to them. He said im always number one to him and at the end of the day, he will choose me over everyone... but i dont do that to him.. i dont talk to other guys giving out my number and introducing myself to get to know each other. Is this acceptable behavior? He said he will never do it again, but i dont believe him.
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  • Ofcourse! Why would they limit themself to one Pā‚¬$$Ā„ when they can have more? Im sure u know that males are visual creatures so its hard for them to hold back. he's cheating if u caught him on dating sites or flirting with local cuties. Better do aumthing about it šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼


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  • If all he is saying is true and he only chats for attention - this validation from other women, I would in your shoes decide if I can continue to trust him and give him one more chance.

    If you can trust him past this that he won't do it anymore, if you're willing to put it behind you and say alright, I accept to continue this relationship, that's it. Give him that chance. Don't stalk him, don't doubt him, don't question him. Move forward.

    If you can't continue this relationship without the need to stalk him and you can't trust him he'll change this, dump him right now.

    In your shoes I would be thinking this shows: 1 he is way too insecure with himself and 2 I am not enough to mitigate that.
    In your shoes my trust would be broken and I would walk away.


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