Did he talked to me in a personal or professional manner?

I need to ask because I think he talk to me in a personal manner and not so professional.
I left to the bathroom to wash my hands and find some hand sanitazor when I was walking by my leader was cold and bossy asking me why was I walking around when he didn't send me on break I told him it was personal and he said he didn't care he just needed to know where I was later I ask him to help me and he was like it's OK you don't have to tell me but I told him anyway and he relax and became more friendly and he stay with me for a few minutes more until he's friend came and when it was time for me to leave he looked sad and when I was walking to leave he looked at me not to mention when he saw a guy talking to me he send some people over to give me a training I didn't ask for or neeed and they didn't leave until the guy left not to mention he kept walking towards the office and water fountain when I was right by he never does neither one and he stay close by me the whole night and now he talks to one of my friends and he's all looking at me I find this all funny because he never talked to me before he ignore me but walked by me and he is always looking at me and he talks to everyone I talk to and when I talk to guys he walks by or joins the conversation and he smiles at me which he never does at all.


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