I like two guys and they like me?

I like 2 great guys. They are both 23 and they both have a son. One I work with the other I met at a concert. The one I work with is sweet, respectable, and has taken me on a date. The other is nice, shy, and has asked me out. Both are super smart and I can be myself around which is a bit morbid, very sarcastic, and talk politics or about what's happening in the world. I seriously like both these guys and they're both amazing. I don't know what to do...


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  • Eenie meenie miney moe works best for me when I'm trying to chose my boyfriends.

    • I mean I don't wanna do that, haha. Cause I like long lasting relationships. That's why I'm having difficulties. Especially with them both having a child I don't wanna just enter the kids life and leave a few months later. That's confusing for the kid.

What Girls Said 1

  • follow your heart!!


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