Guys, Why does he want to wait?

okay my boyfriend wants to wait on his first kiss... Till the wedding day, im no where neat engagement lol! So he could completely marry someone else... But he wants to save it, I on the other hand dont want to save mine for then, all the people watching.. No thanks... Him and i both are religious. But im fine with it, I don't know why he isn't okay with it.. Any ideas?/


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  • I'm religious to. He needs to have you help him is all. That's all. Don't think he's gay or let your friends influence you much yet. He may be a really good guy that could be very naughty and fun in good ways in the future. Just take it slow regarding marriage talk if you feel it's too soon say so and just say the conversations need to be more about getting to know each other and fun. From there have some romantic moment ALONE romantic movie and just cuddle up close and if he doesn't get turned on after a few solid efforts stop the movie and see hey, can we talk. Give it to him straight and don't be overly emotional. Say this where I'm at and can we try or do you ever see yourself trying before marriage... If he still says no it's ur call

    • Okay thanks so much!! This really helpes! Hehe we never get alone time, we are either at bball together or with family. But we are going to start movie nights! Thanks so much!

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  • Lol so this is what happens if you're touched by God 👀

    • What do you mean lol?

  • Oh forget him find someone else

    • Loser... Your saying to leave him all because of one thing! Your a special kind of person arnt ya? If only you knew the kind of guy he is! Just because he wants to wait isn't bad at all!

    • For a kiss? Yes he is

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