Girls, do I stand a chance in the dating world?

I keep hearing that the confident/physically fit/funny guys get all the girls and make the most friends. I don't fit either category (am working out at the gym). I have been unpopular and usually overlooked by many guys and girls. I only had ONE social circle (of 5 open minded guys and girls). I see guys UGLIER than me who have female friends and girlfriends. WTF. is this typical high school behavior for a guy to have very few friends due to cliques? is college any better? do looks / physical security / social status / money REALLY matter? if yes, this makes it HARD for me to make friends and attract girls. I don't have a female friend who can navigate me in helping me understand women. I made acquaintances of both genders (I'm NOT gay) who were nice to me, yet they didn't want to hang out or date me. what can I do? I know people who moved to my hs and even THEY had friends and senior prom dates (I went stag to mine). why wouldn't anyone want me? I'm nice, caring, loyal, love traveling, enjoy gaming, movies, meeting new people, going to a party (I RARELY get invited), treat people (especially girls) with respect, watch the moden movies (Ant Man, Furious 7), and listen to moden songs (like shut up and dance, uptown funk, and see you again), have a passion for computers and will study computer science in Cal State East Bay, shy (talkative around a friend/acquaintance), 5 foot 8, 160 lbs, Indian, not too competitive (if another guy likes you, I may let him have you).

I also try to avoid violence and may not have the guts to stand up for a girl if a guy was hitting on her. should I change that?

how DO I make female friends and get gfs / hookups? ladies, what do you think of my high school past?

I have regrets from not having chances with them.
Girls, do I stand a chance in the dating world?

Girls, do I stand a chance in the dating world?


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  • you are not bad looking at all. you are very handsome I'd date you


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