How can I get him to like me in a few minutes?

Hi, I'm a pretty average looking girl but I won't lie, I'm hot. I get hit on when I go out and my friends' brothers all like me but really I think it's just because I'm more confident now than before. Anyway, I kind of like this guy, he's popular and I'm not though. This is why I need help. We haven't talked much because our friends don't talk but now I'm friends with one of his friends and I think I can manage to talk to him, but only small talk. So I need to know, how can I, a kinda hot but not popular girl, get this guy who has had like 8000 girlfriends to like me in the very few seconds that I might get to actually talk with him. I really like him physically and I've heard he's great so I figured I can try at least ! And he always likes all my pictures so that's good right? Well, any tips on what to do (smile, look at him, touch him etc) or say? Please write a lot hahahah I'm clueless as to how I'll manage to make him like me he's wayyy outta my league!

thanl youuuu


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  • Give him lots of complements like "you're so funny!" and laugh a lot. When you're trying to make a point or giving him a complement lightly touch his elbow or knee, light touching works very well if it doesn't seem forced and actually looks genuine and natural. When you first meet him tell him you've heard a lot of things about him and that it's nice to finally get to know him. If he asks what sort of things, toy with him and say terrible things but be extremely sarcastic about it and then tell him good things (just make stuff up if you have to, like I've heard you're super friendly... blah blah blah). Try to focus the convo on him and try and find that one subject that makes him tick which is honestly very difficult to do. Honestly, just be friendly, laugh at his jokes, try to seem excited and happy, and when you both leave make sure you give hime a hug and tell him it was nice seeing you, have a wonderful day! or something along those lines. If he seems very interested in you, you should tell him that you two should hang out again and give him your number, but let him reach out to you.


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  • Is popularity still important at 18*?

    Just be yourself - if he doesn't like you for you, then whatever that might be it won't last past the first sex. Or you could be benefits - with not even friendship involved...

    Be charming, stand out - meaning be funny (most girls think guys don't like funny... but the good ones do), touch him, smile at his jokes (I wouldn't if they don't really make you laugh, though), eye contact...
    You got this!


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