Is it weird that a girl who friendzoned me and who I stopped talking to, gets back in touch with me after 6 months?

6 months ago, when this girl asked me what I want out of her, I told her upfront that I'm interested in dating her. She was like "why can't we just be friends?" I told her again that I'm interested in dating her and that I find her attractive, and that if she wanted to have friends, she can make friends with other girls or guys who aren't interested in dating her. She told me she only does relationships. I told her that it looks like our interests are different and wished her best of luck and lost touch with her.
Today, out of no where, she calls me on my phone and is super friendly and was like "I just don't know what I want, I don't know what I'm looking for and what I can find in relationships that I give up", and continued to be super friendly. She asked me what I'm up to tonight and tomorrow night. I kind of cut her off with an excuse. Still struggling to figure out what she wants. I mean, if she wanted to date me, she had a chance 6 months ago, but she rejected me and effed up the way I see her. Is she just bored and wanting attention?


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  • Yeah.. Id say maybe she was interested in somone else at the time when you did ask her out and that went sour, or maybe she's having shitty luck with relationships. But then again maybe she was going through something at the time. Really hard to tell what peoples motives are now and days.


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  • Dude you've done better than me in your 6 months, I'm on my 2nd month of no contact in an identical situation to yours and I'm struggling badly trying not to contact her which i have done well to this point, but i always look to see if she's online at work or take a peak when she was last online on whatsapp. I reckon your girl and mine say they were confused at the initial "breakup" period, however I've asked a girl friend of mine and she reckons that my girl loved 2 guys at the same time and rather than hurt me (or us for this matter) she'd rather not hurt me and i stepped up to tell her to go away, i never wanted friendship like you either bro, like you i also wanted a relationship.

    • Ps: she was and still is living with her ex fiance.
      As much as i want to say fk off, i feel bad and want to desperately know what's going on in her life...
      Anyway, good luck bro, it doesn't hurt to give ur girl a second chance and suss her out.
      Remember, fool me once shame on u, fool me twice shame on me.

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    • Personally, I would never accept a woman who was not transparent or is a liar. Where's the trust in that?
      On the other hand, I have a lot of respect for women who are honest and respect my feelings too by saying something like "I'm sorry, but I'm currently seeing someone. I would love to go out with you otherwise".
      Those who go "nah.. i'm sick" or "can't do tonight.. i have other plans".. They're the ones you wanna avoid.

    • Absolutely agree with you, when I was trying the dating scene, a lot of the rejections I'd receive said they were currently with someone else, which i have nothing but respect for also, you seem like a decent guy bro.. I'm sure you'll find something perfect for you, but for the meantime it doesn't hurt to suss ur girl out ok!
      Least u can ask her what and why she's contacted you after all these months.
      Good luck!

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  • she might be confused about what she wants. Or maybe she was with other guy that time.


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  • Maybe she wants to date you now. I'd say, just go out with her and find out what she wants. If you still feel that your expectations don't match, you could call it off.

  • I see two things.
    1. She is trying to go out with you because she has been rejected and needs a cry pillow (you in this case).
    2. She was double minded and now want to make up for lost times maybe.

  • Find another girl it sounds like she's using you as just a rebound keep humoring her


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