Girls, how do you feel about guys with turbans?

If a guy has a turban, is it a turn off? Is it because it's a religious symbol? What if the guys not super religious but has the turban?

Yhe he thing is, I'm a 17 year old Indian kid with a turban. I was born in Canada. And I like going to underground punk shows. Everyone there is white and they all stare at me. They just look at me and my turban. Even the girls:(. I feel like it limits my chances. Does it? Personality aside, does the turban inhibit my chances?


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  • Then just don't wear a turban. Try a beanie or something.

    • So your saying that girls don't like them?

    • I don't know about others but I personally don't like them.

    • @asker most girls in West won't date a guy with a turban. And definitely no white girl would date a guy with a turban. They will either just link you to terrorism or just not wanna be seen around you in public as a couple.

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  • Lol of course it will limit your chances. White people will either think you're a terrorist or you're weird for wearing a turban. There are some who will respect it but most white people will try to avoid hanging out with you and white girls will definitely not go out with you. Canada has a lot of Indians and Punjabis so why not hang out with them mostly? Your chances with Punjabi Indian girl will be much higher than with a white girl. If you want to feel accepted in underground punk shows, I must say get rid of the turban for starters. Even though I respect the fact that you keep it for religious purposes.

    • That's sucks! by the way I shouldn't have to remove a turban to fit it. Punk isn't about outcasting others. Also, I don't tend to get along with Punjabi girls very well.. At least the ones around me.

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