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How long will it take her to date again?

There's this girl that I like who just got out of a 2 year relationship about a week ago- she got dumped because her boyfriend said she was not marriage material even though he still loved her. She knows that I like her and she has said she had feelings for me about 2 months ago- she cried when she said that because she felt that it was being disloyal to her boyfriend but couldn't help it. I've always suggested that we should date after her relationship and she has not disagreed or agreed when I brought it up.

Now she's finally single and I asked her how long she would take to move on 3 days after her breakup and she said years but it was a response to my joke because

i said 'a couple of days lol?' and

she replied 'more like a couple of years'

but this was only 3 days after her breakup actually less because he only moved out less than 24 hrs before that... do you think she was being serious or was she too close to the fire so she felt it will be awhile, I feel its a hint 'don't ask me out' but it was really close to when she got dumped so maybe she felt that way then but not now... what do you guys think?
How long will it take her to date again?
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