Why do I have a hard time opening up to guys?

When I meet a guy I have such a hard time opening up to them. Like showing my interest and expressing my feelings and its so frustrating! I have lost SO many good guys because of this. I've been told that I do things in "motions" not like I want to do them. Why do you think this happens and how can I fix this?

*I don't know if this means anything but when I'm friends with a guy first, like meeting at school etc,. this never happens, its only when I meet a guy and I go straight into the whole date thing.


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  • It is just typical dating nerves but probably taking it to an extreme that is causing you problems.

    You are probably reading too much into dating someone. Dating is a time to get to know someone and, overall, a time to have some fun. Take time to think about what is going through your mind when you go on these dates. Sometimes the biggest problem we have is being so focused on our thoughts, fears and desires that we don't think much about our date and that leaves them cold.


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