I'm in love with someone who doesn't even like me?

I've been in love with her for 5 years she used to be a bit skinnier (the one on the right)
I thought i had a chance with her come to find out she's been having a boyfriend for a year, i had 4 years to make a move on her and i didn't i feel so stupid her boyfriend looks like a male model compared to m and looking at her i see how she could get someone like him. We stopped talking completely when she started dating him and now i feel like im to late. They make a good cuple and she's absolutely in love with him she kisses the ground he walks on and h kisses hers. While im over there looking like a fool..

I'm in love with someone who doesn't even like me?
Thats her the one closest to the camera with the black shirt on i feel like i just lost half of me that wasn't ever a part of me what do i do

And please no petty remarks she's only 16 turning 17 the girl on the left just turned 16.


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  • You're just going to have to try and move on, she's already in love with someone else. Did you get her permission to post her picture here?

    • Yeah she's on here and she knows about it i posted it on here to kinda hint at her and let her know how i feel im pretty sure she's seen it she has me followed but i also wanted to get opinions

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  • First of all - don't post pictures of people on the internet without their permission!

    Second - you were not and are not in love with her. You're infatuated with her. There is a difference. How could you truly be in love with someone with whom you're not even close enough to know they're in a relationship for a whole year?

    • Her boyfriend is in his 20's she's into older guys
      while we are 15-17

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    • and she never really talks about him

    • If you two were even remotely friends she would have mentioned her boyfriend at some point In the past year...

      If you're not really friends, just acquaintances, then you really can't know her on a deep enough level to LOVE her. So, like I said, you're infatuated.

      You meed to stop pining amd move on. All pining does is put her on a pedestal and make her seem like the only girl worth wanting, which simply isn't true. You've decided you "love" her, so now you're mentally making everything about her appear perfect and ignoring the swaths of other wonderful, beautiful girls out there. And It's pointless.

  • Don't give up! You'll never know unless you try


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  • She has pretty big knockers. I can see why you're having such an issue getting over her.

    • Not even i liked her when she was a little pencil 5 years ago but she grew a lot that doesn't change anything

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