How to start a conversation with a girl that I just added on facebook?

I mean I don't know her from before but she's really pretty... what should I message her?


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  • Take time analyze her profile and her so far. Then texted her "thanks for accepting my request, how are you doing?" When or if she answers, get into what she doing. If not get it out of her. Let's say if she say. " ok, u?" Then say. " just taking a quick look at my Facebook page, sorry to have bothered you." She might get the urge that your concerned about her time. She may say something like. " your nothing me. Your welcome though." So then you can ask "if you don't mind me asking what would you be doing at this time?" If she answers correctly with probably nothing. Then that's gooood enough. Give her suggestion, tease her, get some humor going, educate her on some fun stuff.

    • what if I added her a few months back and now want to initiate convo

    • Hmm. Then I'll like one of her post and make it a topic. Try not to come on too strong. If she post something that you genuinely like. For example " if two vegetarians are arguing, are they still beefing?" (Beefing, Hip hop term) it's something you find funny. Comment on it and be funny with it or just say " that's funny cause if you give scientists enough time they genetically modify the answer."
      Something to let her know you see her profile and take interest. Start liking and post little more often but don't text her yet.

    • After two days of liking random up to date post then you have something to talk about, like where do be getting these funny quotes or share with her some stuff to. Now your showing interest.

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