Where to find cute dates?

so i want to meet guys, but im not sure where to meet guys..

There are no cute guys in my class, my friends dont really like to go out ( so i rarely go out because i dont really have people ot go with), i do go to the gym, but i rarely talk to anyone while im there,, im a volunteer, but no cute guys there either..

I have been quite social, but i end up going home early because for the most part people want to get drunk and stuff so they want to party, while im sober and hugry lol.

So im not sure what to do to meet guys to be honest.. The thing is that i dont mind talking to gusy unless i "wants something" meaning i can talk to them unless i want to flirt with them or ask them out etc.

Any advice?


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  • try looking in a different class. there's bound to be 1 cute guy on your campus. but if not then your last resort would be online dating.

    • my third class starts in 2 weeks or so, so maybe there is a cute guy in that class...

    • I would wait and see

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  • Try meetup. com

    • i really dont want to resport to online dating.. In the past i had one date from a dating app/dating site, and i was on a lot of them, and for a long period of time..

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    • It's not online dating. It's a platform where you can join clubs and organizations that interest you. It opens you up to meeting new friends and new activities. It's just a fun way to meet more people

    • is it limited to america or is it international?

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  • you do know good looking guys are a dime a dozen , right?

    • yeah.. but it doesn't help if im not surrounded by them.. i mnot going to walk up to a random guy on the street

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    • what is a "killer body"? are big boobs, slim waist and a perky butt enough or do i need to lose 20 pounds and get visable abs to look good?

    • no visible abs just a flat stomach cusing on working out the legs and ass *squats* for and ass to be great it doesn't need to be big just round and shapely big or small boob are fine as long as they are not extreemly saggy.

      Workout your arms a bit too so it doesn't become a squats only type of thing... working out chest muscles makes breast perky also good

  • you won't be in true relationship because first you're looking only at body. Because he's attractive doesn't mean he's smart and all other things, you're doing it wrong and once you'll feel alone in your life - you'll regret what you were doing.

    • i dont only look at body, but im not going to flirt with a guy i dont find attractive.. just like you wouldn't approach or flirt with a girl you dont find attractive. It wouldn't be fair to anyone if i did so.. but looks are what attracts me to a guy, and if he has a good personality then hopefuly something can come out of it, if he doesn't have good personality then i won't date him...

    • it's funny how you thing that only looks are important of course it's true but not in the way you're talking, you're looking 99% look. You'll regret

    • when did i say i was only after looks? its like i said, i won't approach a guy i dont find attractive at all... it makes no sense to flirt or date a guy i dont find phycially attractive... You're putting words in my mouth

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