Do you think people in general are honest about the qualities that attract them to others? Or do they more say what people want to hear?


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  • I think in general yes, but if talking to a short guy I'll omit that tall guys rock my world. Though I won't lie if confronted about what height I prefer.

    • i think it is more blatant than that. Like, any guy would love to date a high sexed woman, but you will never hear a guy admit that as one of the qualities he desires. Or, a lot of women are attractive to a man of means/status, but you never hear these mentioned as qualities they desire. Other ones as well

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    • In real life definitely. The net offers you connections on your terms

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  • They're influenced because they want to please the other gender and be seen as boyfriend material... It's kinda sad that they are so whipped that they can't say what's on their mind

  • I think a lot of women say what they'd like to believe about themselves, what they wish they were like. Their actions tend to contradict their words. Women do not go for compassionate, kind, considerate, dependable guys unless they are also good looking, successful and confident.

    • That's not true. However if you believe you don't deserve her or that she will eventually reject you it eats the relationship apart. All her efforts are wasted because nothing she does can ever convince you that you are good enough. I'm being serious. I've been there with lots of guys.

    • @sjoes006

      I probably should have add the older and more experienced a woman is the more likely her professed desires match her actions. I'm not sure if this is because she has trained herself to be more like her ideal or if her mind just changes as she ages. It's particularly true of very young women that they say one thing and go for another.
      I'm not motivated by bitterness here, I have nearly all the attributes women say and actually seem to want except being very romantic. I'm just giving my honest observations.

  • No I think people are honest, but they'll say other stuff to try to sugar coat and "justify" the qualities they want.


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