Should I drop him another text or just wait?

I've been trying to arrange a time to hang out with the guy I'm seeing for about a week now but he's a very busy man so it's really difficult. I suggested last night that since we both had the weekend off work, we maybe go away to a hotel for the night and have some proper alone time. He said he'd absolutely love to and said he'd let me know if he was definitely free ASAP. Well it's been about 24 hours and I've heard nothing and I ideally would be looking to book a room tonight. Should I drop him a text to find out if he still wants to do something? Or should I just leave it and let him text to confirm or not? This may sound like such a silly question but I'm quite torn.


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  • Id be mature and ask him when it would work drop a text and then just wait and keep yourself busy.


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  • It's fine if you text him. He said he would respond ASAP and it's better to know availability sooner then later when you're booking rooms. If he responds and says he's not sure then just wait. There's no problem in asking

    • The only concern I have, is that I feel like I text him first waaaay too much. A good 90% of our conversations are started by me and I worry I feel needy. Any suggestions on what I can text tonight to confirm what's happening without seeming clingy?

    • Just be casual about it. Work it into the conversation if you think starting off with it might seem clingy. Maybe ask how his day was. Or you could just ask him if he can go because most of it is just you being self conscious especially since you guys just started dating so most of the clingyness is just in your head.

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