Would you like it if your recent ex gave you a list of reasons why you are great?

We broke up abruptly at my choice but later agreed upon by him. I didn't get a chance to tell him what was great and he told me he is now depressed but not over me just over another failed relationship and won't be dating for a while.

I know know he wants kids so this is a mistake. I want to tell him why he is great and not to waste time. To think of every break up as a step closer to 'the one'. He is literally by his own words only going to settle for the perfect woman.

Would you you find it encouraging or creepy of your ex told you why you were great?


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  • It might be a way of him expressing his feelings and getting over you

    It's strange, but ok
    Just accept his comments and move on with your life


Most Helpful Girl

  • Creepy. I'd feel like they still want to have something to do with me. And I'd think they look pathetic :/


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  • If I broke up with him creepy but if he broke up with me... I would appreciate it but he would also be giving me false hope. Cut the cord and run. Let h move on.


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