Analyze my situation:does he really not like me?

So there's this guy I've liked for about a year, he's about of an odd ball (school and study first, expansive social life second) last year at homecoming I asked him dance without even thinking and he danced for like afew seconds then ran off, then some one told him I liked his brother as gossip or whatever and he kept glaring at me from a distance when I wasn't looking like he was shocked or something. Near the end of the year I had a full hour conversation with him and he started signs of interest which baffled me be cause I thought he just didn't like me (he asked me stuff about my life, shared some tpstuff about his, mentioned how many pushu ps he could do, etc.) after that I followed him on social media amd he soon followed back and liked a few really good pictures of me;3 his brother would often stare at me and once called his name to notice me when I walked into the library too. But the most recent time I've seen I was sitting in the hallway with him and a dew other people we knew and he mostly engaged in convo with them (one of his friends kept staring at me) amd this idiot girl on the dance team with me kept prancing around like an idiot and saying stupid stuff. she got into an argument with him over politics and she was really stupid -_- I had a tiny convo with him before his friends left but nothing special it was about cars or something. When it was just me, him and idiot dancer girl (and some other chick) up he kept his eyes on his stupid game on his phone and I tried to show him and everyone this funny pic on my phone and he was like "an that's great" and looked back at his phone but hardly even check it out. Soooo I'm just scared cause this kid is kind if srptrange but he sa little popular and in hoping he maybe liked me back but I don't know I suck at crushes...
He also speaks a little softer to me than others but he kpcan be a little engrossed in other stuff especially when people are around


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  • Ask him out.

    • That's what everyone is telling me to do but I don't know if that's a good option. I have a slight feeling he might be interested but I'm afraid of his reaction if I ask him.

    • Fear of rejection is always on everyone's mind who ask out someone. However, if you never ask then you might never have him.

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