My parents were deadly against dating. Now they want to find a wife for me?

My parents are from India. I have a sister who is 8 years younger than me. When I was in school, my parents would always shun people who are dating and talk extremely negatively of interracial couples and look down on other Indian parents who let their kids "loose". When I was in university, I wasn't financially independent to live on my own, and one of the conditions of living with my parents while I study, is that I do nothing but study so that I finish my degree early - that means no part time job. While I'm at home, I was forbidden from mentioning the word "dating" or "boyfriend/ girlfriend", as it was considered a bad influence on my sister. I couldn't even tell them that there are so many interesting girls out there who like me but I really want to go and date them - I just need a bit of cash and parents to be understanding without questioning who I'm going with, what time I'll come home etc. I'll just need parents who are reasonable like other parents and allow me to bring over a girl (or take her out if they don't want her at home).
But no - it's all "stupid western culture". We are meant to study our butts off, reject any romantic opportunities, establish ourselves in a great job, THEN allow our parents to find a fiance.
What a load of crap.
Once I finally became financially independent (~22), I still didn't have my own place as I had debts to pay off. I tried living in share accommodation for a bit, but lost my job and it became too hard so had to move back in with my parents. I've been completely independent since 26 (Just when my sister turned 18). During this time, I found it extremely difficult to find a suitable match - most of the genuine girls are taken during university (thanks a lot mom and dad for effing me up and being so ignorant). The only ones I come across now are those with a tonne of baggage, or are undesirable in many ways (e. g. racist, homophobic, uneducated, lack ambition, are smokers, are divorced, have kids)


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  • Yeah, what a bad parents, paying for you, your education and providing you a home. Blame them for all your misfortunes. Or grow up already and be grateful for everything they gave to you.

    • They didn't pay for my education you nutjob. I wonder how you'd feel if you were prohibited from dating.

    • Hopefully you'll understand how lucky you are to have parents who actually care for you when it's not too late.

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  • Indian kid in high school: STAY AWAY FROM GIRLS!
    Indian kid in college: STAY AWAY FROM GIRLS!
    When Indian kid finds job: WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?

    • Pretty much. It's even worse when everyone around you is married and your parents just don't get that people fall in love as opposed to having arranged marriages.

    • You're not really old, you know. Most young girls are into guys your age and older. But not dating interracially makes the dating pool a lot smaller.

  • You're way too young to be worrying about marriage


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