Does he like me? Poll?

- In March he teased me a lot
- In May me and my friends sat with him and a few other guys at lunch.
- later in May he told a guy friend of mine he was thinking about taking me on a date. But never did
- I was talking to a guy and we were talking about relationships and he said date ____.
( I'm pretty sure he liked me last year)
- His dad started being nice to my friend ( the same one his son teased)
- he started teasing my friend
- I talked to him some and then he got kinda shy as the night went on. Then got on his phone.
*awhile passes *
-stopped teasing my friend. She said they just talk as friend now.

I got my braces off and my skin has cleared up over the summer.

- This year he has been really shy around me but will talk to everyone else.
- won't talk to me and if he does it's only short sentences and he either has a super straight face ( usually when he is giving me directions or telling me what someone said and looks me in the face the whole time ) or smiling the whole time and won't look me in the face ( usually looks around )
- look my direction and see if it's me and then look away quickly/ walk around or pretend not to see me.
- My dad talked to his dad
My dad- "I don't think they are ever going to date. " and his dad said "We'll see."
- He shared a thing in Facebook of a meme of someone being sad they are single ( it was funny btw) ( my friend also said he wants me to see it so he knows he is not happy being single)
- me and my friend are always hanging out and I see him looking our way.
- I can't tell if he is looking at me or her. But I did see him look at her twice. And she had her leg spread apart another time. I told her to close her legs and she was like what?
( she is super flirty and whorish acting but I still love her)
- he also put his arm around my little brother and walked him to my mom and my mom friend said he like me by the way he acted.

I like him and I'm really hoping he likes me back but I want to truth. Be completely honest.

  • He always liked you.
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  • He used to like you. But not anymore
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  • He didn't like you at first but does now.
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  • He never liked you
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  • Other
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  • Unsure
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  • I just came here for the xper points and didn't care about your dating life.
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So today he stopped and talked to me some and caught a door so it wouldn't hit me.


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  • Yeah, the boy's into you. If your parent's sense it, then it's true. Parent's know everything...

    • Yes they do! Lol.

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    • I usually follow her advice bc I usually regret it later.

    • Lol, I wish I did, but I'm just too stupid to do it. Oh well.

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What Guys Said 11

  • Listen Dear,
    He has always liked to
    but u wasted too much of time

    now do one thing
    i suggest u to talk to him in person
    & say what u really feel
    without fear and hesitation

    yeah it is true that
    because of time
    he started liking ur friend
    but there are still so many signs that he likes more
    yet it is not too late
    so before it gets too late
    talk to him

    honesty is the best key of anything
    so say everything
    yar it is not like girl never approaches

    u like to such an extent and
    that is it
    just go and say

    u can also propose
    be ready for the worst
    but i know that
    he won't refuse
    and u will be accepted as u r

    stop worrying
    and thinking too much
    u can have him
    according to me he is urs
    go ahead
    move to him

    best of luck dear
    take care

    have a nice time with him
    :) :) :)

    Last thing do not be nervous
    u do not need to
    he is ur good friend
    so u can behave as u r
    u r not meeting him for the first time
    so act like always

    all the best...
    do not take long...
    u have already taken more than enough.
    just do it
    and let it be

    • I seriously can not ask him. I get way to nervous. I barely can talk to him. All I can do it smile or giggle bc if I don't do somthing like that I'll start shaking, say something stupid and then he will think I'm stupid.

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    • @asker
      Yes dear
      he still likes u
      do not worry

      i can understan just because u like him
      u get such probs
      but listen yar
      it is common
      we humans are like this

      u have to overcome this
      and do not worry
      according to me
      u will get a tight hug
      when u say to him

      Best of luck... :)
      Be calm
      take deep breaths
      and to be nervous is common
      so do not get frustrated.
      it is totally ohk fine

      just say without hesitation
      take care dear
      all the best again... :) :) :)

    • Okay thank you!

  • He always liked you better hurry up and capture that pokemon:)

  • Humm sharing meme about being lonely... I think I l do that too and hope my crush picks up on it lol

    • Sorry. Wasn't a meme but a video about a little kid saying no then laughing then later starting to cry.

      And I can't tell are you joking it nah?

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    • Meanderings

    • Oh okay.

  • TLDR, voted A

    • What does TLDR mean?

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    • Then you should have voted "I came here for Xperia points etc.."

    • *xper points. Lol

  • He liked you and gave up on you.

    • What do you mean by that?

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    • Go ahead and talk...

    • Okay thanks!

  • Voted G lmao

    Guess wut... it was me :))

  • Would you be mad if I voted G?

    • Nah. Enough people voted that already! 馃槀

  • yes, you will have sex.

  • i think he like u but im not sure

  • You're a cheerleader, of course he likes you

    • And running for homecoming. 鈽猴笍馃槈

      But really thinks he likes me?

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    • I don't know

    • Niether do I. 馃槀

  • Based on the evidence you list, it seems he has always liked you, but you want him to like you so you may be cherry picking or misreading. Since I can only take your word for it, I don't know.

    • I don't think I'm cherry picking. Like he used to talk and tease by friend so I made when to. include that.

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    • But as always, avoid hot button topics and you should be fine. Usually it starts off talking about school and stuff, but it will get better as you get deeper. You could also start with a group and then get it down to just the two of you as the night goes on.

    • Okay thanks!

What Girls Said 5

  • He liked you and now may feel uncomfortable because of your 'transformation'.
    May think you're too hot for him now.

    Just ask him.
    You guys should be able to talk normally...

    • I'll try but I get really nervous. Any tips?

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    • Okay thanks.

    • I appreciate this

  • If he can't talk to u or let his friends know who u are and he is not affectionate about u around his friends I personally think there are other guys that are better than that and u will find one

    • His friend is my cousin lol.

  • omg tbh I'm a bit creeped out how you remembered all these things you clearly are obsessed with him

    • Nah. I have a really good memory. You can ask me anything about anyone and I'll probably remember unless it was something I said. I don't remember much of what I say.

    • It's called being a teenage girl. Sure, not every girl is like this, but some are pretty boy crazy. I know I was at that age and even a little younger. I remembered everything and I still do. If you like someone, those events sort of stick with you because it's nice to look back on different things they did that made you get butterflies in your stomach. I'm not obsessed like I used to be, but those memories still stick in my mind.

  • Ask him and find out.

    • He is older and I don't have the guts.

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    • Not bad at all.

    • Okay. Good. :)

  • he always has.

    • Okay. I hope! 馃槉

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    • 2...

    • Hahahahaha.

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