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I've been seeing a guy who I really like and he has gone on holiday this week. Before he went he was saying that he was sad that he wouldn't get to see me for a week and was planning things for us to do when he gets back. He's been on holiday for a few days and has been online on whatsapp but hasn't messaged me. I'm a bit concerned that he might be trying to cool things off by not contacting me. Do you have any other ideas why he might not have messaged me? (Yes, I am painfully insecure lol)


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  • hmm i don't know.. how old is he? if he is young and he is interested in you , he would share some holiday picture with you.. but if he is middle age, maybe he just want a peaceful getaway..

    • He's 29 - does that make a difference? Thank you for answering :)

    • i think older man, like mid thirties, they are more mature and want to take thing slower.. and want more privacy and independence. plus many other important things are going on in their lives.. you guys just start to dating right? so he doesn't want to be so clingy..

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply - I think you could be right. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens when he comes back! Thank you again

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  • maybe he wants you to make a move!


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