Conservative Indian parents are asking me "Do you want a white woman?" What do I say?

I told them that I don't care about the race of the woman, but I'm not interested in conservative Indian women (esp those from India). They automatically go "So you are after a white woman isn't it".
They keep asking if I want a white woman. To them, other races like Africans, east Asians, latinos, etc have "undesirable" features - desirable being fair skin, sharp nose, thin lips, double eyelids - the combination is usually found in caucasoid races like European, Middle Eastern, Indian. Middle eastern is a no go for my parents because of religion. So I guess they see me as going straight for white women but just don't get that I'm open to all races. They'd be deeply disappointed if I went for any race besides Indian (out of which, they'd want me to marry the same religion, caste, language group, education level).
How the fk do I tell me parents to stop bothering me about who I want, since they just don't seem to get it?


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  • just tell them straight up to leave you alone about it.


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  • My parents never cared what race my women were. Never asked. My mother would have been pleased if I never dated anyone. I wasn't out to please my parents, I wanted to please myself and my SO. Tell your parents that you'll date any race, as long as they are not Indian.

  • indians are literally obsessed with white girls.

    • You actually look Indian yourself, no offense. To be specific, like a Punjabi Jatt.

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    • Lol @ your rant, screaming of an inferiority complex. Run along now.

    • Yah that's it!!

      Lmao indians are desired the least if u know anything and if u even know psychology this had nothinf to do with inferior complex. Lol evny inDians lmao

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