I like A new guy but I also still like my ex who has a new gf?

My ex and I haven't talked for 3 months. I think about him EVERYDAY I think it's mainly because I never got any closure and im dying to talk to him and clear the air and make things less awkward ( because at the foundation of our relationship was a friendship) but im wayyy to shy and I dont know how to approach him. He also has a new girlfriend BUT he only uses her for sex ( something I wouldn't give to him) and he always says he doesn't care about her. But anyways I met this new guy (3 weeks now) nd he seems soooo nice and cool, but he and my ex are friends and my friends tell me he is no good!!! WTF do I do?


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  • Go out with the new guy a bit see where things go don't always listen to your friends but at the same time keep what they said in mind.
    For you ex did you break up with or did he break up with you because if it was him he can go screw himself really and if you broke up with him then I don't know what to tell you besides just call him or got his place and just confront him

    • We never really Officially broke up. We just stopped. He just slowly kinda cut me off and then it was all at once. It's gotten to the point where he avoids eye contact with me!! Its soooooooo uncomfortable

    • Wait so you never actually broke up okay well it seams like he broke up with you if he's already doing it with another girl so he broke up with you and he isn't worth your time then if he's doing that just give him up and i KNOW how hard that is when you really like someone but hey if he really wants you he will talk to you again

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  • you should go for his new one!


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  • He's fucking someone else, so I'd say try this new guy


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