Girls, what do you think of this note?

I'm asking a girl out from church via note. I wanted to if it is good or not. Also, she Is 19 if that matters.

Once upon a time at there a place called Churchville. Churchville was filled with awesome people doing awesome things. At this church there was a girl named Judy (not her real name) who was more amazing than the others. One day the church got a new member named John ( not my real name). Several months went by before being introduced to Judy but John knew she was amazing right away. He thought she was super funny, super smart and super gorgeous. John decided to write her a story to ask her out on a date. The story went like this: "Once upon a time..."

Then I end the note with " ok you get the point, can I take you out to dinner one night?"

Then at the bottom I have a yes or no box. The yes box has the "like" symbol next to it. The no box has the Mexican lady from family guy saying "no.. no"


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  • sounds good!


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