Does it seem like he's interested in me?

I tried starting a conversation with him but he just walked away from me staring at me nervously. He was acting awkward around me like if he needed to move around me he would act stange. He also startes at me a lot. This other girl sits next to me and he looks at her too but she's a freshman and it feels like he's just playing around with her (and she tries too hard). Like one time she smiled at him and he just did a fake smile and his face went normal quickly after. She also kept staring at her and he would just laugh at that. She also like follows him around like smiling with teeth. We got seats assigned next to eachother and kept running his fingers through his hair and moving around in his seat. He jumped into my conversations too (I was talking about how I moved last year). After I said where I used to live he was just staring for a long time (He kinda looked intrigued).
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  • He might be interested in you. You can only find out if you try for it; like the girl does.
    Just talk to him. Like you always do with you friends. It will come step by step.

  • I think he seems to be interested in you. I can't vote the "very" interested one because I don't think he's VERY interested in you.


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