Does anyone else feel empty when dating trying to find someone?

I know I need to just stop going out and stop looking bit it just feels empty and depressing going out and either not meeting anyone good quality or there is an issue. Like they are great to talk to attractive they can talk about the craziest shit that nobody else even knows and it matches up with your world perfectly. Like Alaska survival training the stories my dad told me he went through them. Or his friend knew my exact part of California and we were talking so well and they re airline employees and my whole family is airline. And we like the same sports teams and we can talk football really well. And then I find out they are both in their mid twenties and I am 44. I just think there is a mom code. I wouldn't want an older woman to match up with my son in the same scenario. And I swear must guys seem great and font want a relationship and I feel used for sex after a while. It gets me thinking I don't even want to go out anymore. I don't like what I finding. Or I feel a trap where I keep luring in young guys that just feels wrong to me. I really don't think about the age thing and then when it starts to feel like it could get physical I ask and yep I am an inch from robbing the cradle.


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  • Be glad as a woman you don't have to be the initiator


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