She said she is enjoying her single life and doesn't want to be in relantionship right now. what should I do next?

i have been chasing this girl for about 1 and a half year.. and i really hope my persistence will work somehow.. sometimes she acting like she really care about me and sometimes she give me cold shoulder. i really want to know how she feel toward me
so recently i confessed my feeling toward her..
She said she is enjoying her single life right now.. and doesn't want to be in relantionship right now
she told me to let things flow and act like usual.. if it mean to be it will happen that what she said.
what should i do right now?
im confused by her reply... whether she want me to keep pursuing her or not.. she did said if i want to give up its okay.
but by her action and reply its kinda like she is telling me to keep going on.
Any advice will be appreciated.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Reply to her. If she is talking to you, you should. But she might want to be with you but at the same time she doesn't want to get hurt. That is why she might prefer to be single.

    • people said when you are too nice to somebody.. they will take you for granted..
      now i kinda believe it..
      i always give her all the attention when everybody dont
      i always be there for her
      but i think she doesn't see my presence
      she got a lot of guy friend
      and i once i asked her what if you have a boyfriend
      and what your boyfriend shoulndt do
      she said her boyfriend should not control her who she chat with
      what do you think about that?

    • If she has a boyfriend, the boyfriend should not control her life. She should be able to do what she wants. If she wants to have guy friends let her, it is her right.

    • i do respect her privacy..
      but shouldn't she stop flirting around when she is already in relantionship
      this stray from my main question
      bbut anyway i do appreciate your opinion so far
      Thanks :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Exactly what she said. She doesn't want a relationship right now. Act like usual means she's fine with whatever has been going on with you guys all along. But she doesn't want to move beyond that.

    Time is the most precious thing you have in life. Don't spend it on something that's not going to happen. Move on.

    • You can always ask her for clarification. Just accept what she says and don't push it or get clingy.

    • thanks bro.. i did think of giving up and move on..
      maybe this time i will stop contact her for awhile.
      im pretty sure she won't contact me first...
      but if she did.. here we go again..
      back to the start point where i wondering should i stop or go

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What Girls Said 2

  • well, I'd say to just keep it light. Maybe she doesn't want to be in a serious relationship right now. It might change later on. I'd say just keep it simple as friends and see where it might lead

    • thanks for the opinion..
      i will keep it light..
      but somehow after the confession thing
      kinda confused and hard to act like usual..

  • She obviously cares a lot. Maybe doesn't want to hurt you or hurt herself when it doesn't work out at the end. Or maybe she likes you this much she would rather have you as friend then loose you completely.

    • thank for the opinion
      and i really hope things are like what you said
      sure there is a moment where she cares a lot
      but there is a moment she acting like im nothing
      so basically i dont understand what she mean by doing like that

    • I don't think she means anything by it when she's cold. Maybe she wants to keep a clear head rather then completely loosing it for u! ☺️

What Guys Said 3

  • 1 bit of advice. Google coach corey wayne.

    • I hope his advice will help you. The guy knows his stuff about relationships.

    • okay thanks for the advice :D

  • Keep all options open, look elsewhere too

    • you mean look for other gir tool?
      i want to let her see im serious in chasing her
      so i stop flirting around with other girl..
      i dont know if my action is wrong or not.
      all i want to do is just to show her im serious toward her
      am i wrong?

    • Definitely look at other girls.
      Another girl might get her interested , who knows.

    • okay bro.. i like the way you said it
      thank you :D

  • Find another girl. She is wasting your time.

    • there a moment where i felt she is just treating me like a backup plan or something like that
      but sometimes she did give me extra attention
      im confused by her action
      and i felt i stuck..
      maybe i like her more than she like me

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