How long should a boy friend and girl friend should wait or date before going to 1st base?

  • Less than 3 months
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  • 3months
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  • 3-6months
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  • 6-12months
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  • One year
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  • 2year -3year
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  • 3 year- 5 Year
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First base:french kiss second base:Physical contact Third base:oral sex. HOw much a person should wait for three phases.


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  • First base is a kiss bruh. You do that on the first maybe second date.

  • French kiss. Well I would get to know the guy a little before I dated him, so that's at least a month. Then I wait a few weeks. I would want about 3 months if he was new in my life. And I would kiss him sooner if he was a friend beforehand.

  • most people fuck within a month or 2.


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