Boyfriend taking pictures with another girl while he's away at school?

We didn't have a fight or anything which is why I'm having a hard time understanding this. His profile picture on Twitter was of us and he changed it to just a picture of him a few days ago. I kept questioning him trying to figure out if I could've done anything wrong. He said that everything is fine. After I got on Facebook last night, I discovered that he changed his profile picture from us to a picture of him at a football stadium. I looked through his uploads and saw that he had 5 pictures taken with a girl I don't know. He didn't delete the pictures he has of us on there thought. I'm so confused. Is he losing interest? We're about 4 hours away from each other. I need advice


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  • Sounds normal to me. Still, frankly ask him if something's wrong between you two, tell him that you need a honest to god answer cause it's eating you up.

    • How is this normal?

    • It's not entirely necessary to have your girlfriend/boyfriend in your profile picture. And also, the girls he took photo with might be some friends of friends, or may not be, it could have been a sudden encounter or something. The thing is, if he's saying everything's fine, you have to trust him. Still if it's bothering you, tell him how bad you're feeling. He's your boyfriend after all!

    • It's just uncomfortable and I have told him that. It's almost like he's trying to make himself appear single

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  • It's not a big deal!


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  • Yes, he is meeting new people and you are getting left behind.


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