Girls, what should my next move be after getting turn down twice by the girl I know has feelings for me?

I met her through work. We text each other daily, took turns to start conversations. I think she has feelings for me. I asked her out twice but she turned me down on both occasions.


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  • Gee, thanks for NO reason WHY the stiffarms... we are supposed to guess?
    At least you are not ANON = waste of time/effort... so here goes.
    1. she has a boyfriend but not yet released him in order to freely "date" = keep asking gently but more friend-like things to do until she dumps him
    2. she is on the rebound = same advice
    3. she has a "type" of guy she prefers and will wait until he appears to substitute in for the another one that got away = a long shot for you to be more than friends
    4. she has plans to move away (town or job), so considers a time investment in current people a waste = your chances will be better evaluated once she jumps ship and then try again

  • Keep trying!


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