So am I a bad Boyfriend?

So my girlfriend is very pretty and very easy to like, too easy to like. Since we've been dating she's had 6 guys ask her out, 3 guys say they'd rather die then not be with her, a completely different 3 guys try to force themselves on her or touch her weirdly and a few more talk shit about me in hopes she leave me. Yesterday a guy (20 something) touched my girlfriend (almost 17) when she was helping her cousin more a bed. Her cousin and the guy live in the same apartment. She come to me crying and saying sorry that it happened. She was so scared and so I just held her and tried to make her feel better. The guy didn't physical do enough to get the cops involved but did enough to make her feel very scared and cry most the night... I "visited" the guy and messed up his face... I know I shouldn't have but I hate when people mess with my girl. So now I've asked my girlfriend to just stay away from guys. They just get obsessed over her. Does that make me bad? I feel guilty but I am getting so sad. Everytime something with a guy happens she cry's and says how sorry she is. But I know for sure she's not doing anything. She's just being herself. And I trust her completely. It's just guys she doesn't even know will ask her out, or a lot worse. And it's making both of us sad and me angry. Am I being controlling or unfair or a bad boyfriend?
Sorry this is long.


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  • No you're just trying to protect her. Maybe she should change her approach when it comes to strange men. She might be too open and trusting when they come up to her and for that reason they feel like they have a shot. She needs to be able to keep her distance and let guys no right away that she's spoken for.


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  • You have behaved inappropriately.
    1. It was barbaric of you to "mess up" the mans face.
    2. You cannot tell her to stay away for anyone.

    Your girlfriend needs to learn to put her foot down when it comes to men.

    • She's tried... But she's not big...

    • She is clearly to passive, size is irrelevant. Many petite attractive women can hold their own, she may have a confidence problem.

  • ermagerd ur sooooo awful

  • I think you should relax a little and not be so controlling.

    • You sure? And how can I relax with that kinda stuff happening?

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  • You did the right thing. What is a man who does not protect his girls honor?
    You should marry her so that no one approach her instead of only being gf/bf.
    That will help in my opinion.


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