Do you think this is an accurate portrayal of female depth?

Obviously everyone places some value on superficial matters. The thing is women have somehow come to have a reputtation for being less shallow then men, but this scene would certainly suggest women are at least as shallow as men. Do you think that's accurate?

  • Pretty accurate. It's a misconception that women aren't as shallow as men.
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  • Not that accurate. Women are actually comparatively less shallow than men.
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  • Swoft
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If you're in US the video is probably blocked for you - if you've seen House it's the scene from series 6 in which House, Wilson and Chase go speed dating.


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  • There are very superficial and shallow people of both sexes.
    I don't think it can be generalized as one gender being less than the other. A lot of it has to do with maturity and life experience.
    With time one starts to focus more on the really important and meaningful things. Beautiy and money does not last forever, and can be lost in a second or will fade in time. Good character and values will always remain. Maybe women just learn this faster than men and that's why it seems like they are less shallow...


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  • The video wouldn't run. I went on Youtube and found the material.

    I think that is the way a lot of women are, enough so the effect would be noticeable. Both sexes have mating instincts which direct their reactions to others with them being hardly aware of it. For men it's pretty simple, does she look appealing, am I going to be in danger, is she willing. For women it's much the same except the priorities are different and the words have different definitions because their situation is so different.


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  • I really don't know what I think. I'm not that shallow of a person. And the shit a lot of guys say on here make them seem so shallow it disgusts me. Their woman has to be and stay fit to keep them. No stretch marks. no cellulite. They only like big boobs. They only like small boobs. They can't let gravity take over, so no saggy Tits. Certain hair color. No died hair but he only like natural blondes. I mean seriously? If the internet means getting into the majority of guys heads I'm disgusted by them.
    I believe you should be attracted to who you're with but that's taking it to a whole new level.
    I don't care if my husband gets chunky. Ill still find him attractive. He also has problems with acne sometimes. He has stretch marks from working out as a teen. I don't give a shit that they're there.
    But then again the media has made it more difficult for women to look "perfect". It's not as hard for men. Seriously y'all look your best after rolling out of bed.
    Going by the women and men's comments on here. I'd say women are less shallow. Younger girls are more shallow. I know that. I've seen it and I've been it as a teen. My out look has changed. Looks are important to me but there is no scale.


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  • well, you can't actually post a work of fiction as evidence to your conclusions about reality. The women, and the man, in this video were all reading from scripts (or reciting from them). The scripts were written, probably by mostly men, to appeal to the general public, but were not intended to reflect a realistic scenario. Of the infinite number of conversations that could have taken place - the infinite number of responses that could have been given - the script writers selected these specifically to guide you to the conclusion that you have come to.

    Also, the video wouldn't load, so I couldn't watch it...

    • Works of fiction are a product of our reality.

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    • The link doesn't work?

      Try these.

    • "This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

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