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I've been seeing this guy for a couple months, he's socially awkward and rather closed off. He has told me that I'm special to him, and that he really likes me and that he can't believe I'm real. We're both still fairly hesitant around one another- and he's voiced concerns about me running off/getting sick of him early on. He just left and will be away for a few months, and he anxiously asked me if we would keep seeing each other when he gets back. I said yes. He also told me he trusts me a lot- said that before he left. We chat with each other everyday.

It had gotten to the point where he would usually comes over to my house and we would cuddle and watch movies, but we also went out to places and such. He told me that he looks forward to hanging out when he gets back.

I've never dated before, so don't really know what to make of him, or this? We were both burned in our last relationships. We're both quiet, but he's more uptight and me mild-mannered... and I get that he might be hesitant about trusting again, but we're going along at a painfully slow pace and while I'm not good with intimacy myself, I still try to incorporate him into my life..


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  • Not exactly sure what the question is, so ill try answering it based on what i understood from it: He definitely likes you, and looks forward to having a relationship with you, His shy and socially awkward personality will make it a bit tougher to kick it off, but if you let time pass, you two will mold right into each other.

    • My question was what you thought of this situation.

      My last relationship went straight from friends to, well a relationship. It was toxic and lasted for about 3 years... but I'm over it. I gave too much and he gave too little. I'm just afraid that I'm heading down the same path here. I really care about this guy, and always give him the benefit of the doubt.

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    • There's a time and place for everything. But honestly, the stories were very telling.

      I have brought up mine, but I feel like it makes him uncomfortable. That, and I don't know how to talk about my ex in a way that won't come across as resentful, or as though I don't take accountability for the role I played in how it ended up. I stayed with a guy who treated me like shit for almost three years. It's embarrassing.

    • Communication is key, make sure to let him know that you don't feel comfortable talking about your ex. Be open with him, and ask him to do the same.

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