Is he rebounding from me? (PLEASE ANSWER!)

I really need some answers. Any and all feedback would be great. Especially from a guy's perspective.

My ex and I were on and off for a couple of months. When he broke up with me I pretty much told him it'd take a miracle for me to take him back. I tried to stop talking to him but he'd been acting in a way that made me think he wanted me back. I just kinda ignored it and kept my distance. Then he started dating someone else. When he broke up with her, he started clinging to me. I wasn't sure how to handle it, especially after he tried to kiss me because we're supposed to be just friends. He'd talk to me like a friend (even mentioning other girls) but he'd act different. Now he has another girlfriend.

So I'm looking at the situation and I see that the way he was with me is different from with them. When we broke up the first time, he told me he regretted it and wanted me back. With the first girl, after they broke up, he tried hanging out with her after trying to kiss me the first time (I had told him off about it and he apologized...he'd been drunk). She shut him down. I gave him some insight on how to approach her. But instead he got over her. He said he didn't want to put himself out there (but he did that with me more than once). He tried kissing me on 2 other occasions. I ignored the 2nd time but I gave in the last time. But I also admitted that I didn't want things to be like before. I've told him before that I didn't want a relationship. A couple of weeks later, he has someone new.

Am I doing something wrong here? I admit I've been kinda giving him mixed signals (but he's doing it, too). I know the attraction is still there on both ends. He doesn't have the best track record with dating. Like there was a girl who came before me that he started off as being friends with, but she ended it with him (he was her rebound) and they don't talk. I'm the only ex he's still close to. He's going for girls that are very different from me. Maybe it's just that he doesn't know how to be friends with me? Maybe I'm more of like his security blanket or something?

I know if I just ask him he'd tell me. But I don't trust his feelings. He's more likely to talk himself out of how he feels instead of just feeling it. Which is pretty much why he and I had problems. I feel like it's always been easy to tell with other guys. But he's so odd. It's frustrating. And ANNOYING!


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  • I got a rebound after me and my ex split up, and me and my ex remained friends the whole way through. She is the only ex I have ever been like that with because I have a despicable track record with dating. Now I broke it off with my ex because there was a feeling that something was missing and that I had to have my ex back to be happy, me and my ex have since gotten very close with a lot of teasing and an occasional kiss, but she says it's too soon and that she's happy the way we are as friends. But my answer to your question is my experience as the situation is so similar, I never could have had feelings for my rebound and never could have been happy with anyone that wasn't my ex, so thqts why I went back to her, not as a security blanket but because I was missing a piece of myself.
    Obviously I'm still not back with her but luckily I'll get what I want because I know what she wants. Just be blunt with him and ask him to do you the same courtesy. Hope you manage to syphen through my rant because hearing your story from the opposite side may atheist help you understand


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  • Well, I think he wanted you back so he tried kissing you and being close, but since you rejected him he went to other girls to satisfy himself. After those didn't work he tried coming back to you, so I think he thinks your like his "security blanket", just look at the situation a little bit more if this cycle continues then you should get your answer.

  • do you still like him?

    • Yea but I need to be single rite now. it's safer being friends.

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