Where can I go out to meet girls in such a small town?

Recently, I've been gathering up the courage to approach girls that I'm interested in & even got a first date about a month ago. But that was back in my college town with people my own age. For the time being, I'm currently back home in my small town with less of a social atmosphere. What can I do or what kind of places can I go to, well... practice approaching more? I feel very limited. For example, there was a girl that worked at my town library whom I wanted to approach but couldn't find the strength to do it a year or two ago; but when I went back a few days ago to try it I found out she had moved away. So yeah... what type of locations/places can I practice approaching and talking to girls in a small suburban town?


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  • Why don't you drive a little bit and meet some people from bigger cities


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