Girls, She has been really busy what should I do?

Weve been dating for about 3 weeks now. haven't talked about being bf/gf yet. We were going on a date 1-2 times a week, and every time we ended the last date we would make a time for the next one.

On our last date we didn't do that. I asked her the next day and she said she didn't know when the next day would be that she had off. Should I keep asking her if she can hangout on X day/night or just talk to her through text and wait for her to tell me when she's available.

I fear that if I dont ask she we will just drift apart (its happened to me before)... But this girl really likes me and has told me straight up that she likes me.. twice.

Help me out please :)


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  • If it seems she has Been Texting on a regular basis and Not putting you on her pay no list here, dear, do not pressure her with what she told you with Her... Next day would be.
    Tell her to let you know when she is free to go out again. This way she won't feel like a Nervous Nellie that may put a monkey wrench into this date mate scenario and end Up To... Just drift apart.
    If you both do end up on your next date, I am sure that she will again, my friend, tell you once more that 'She likes me... Three.
    Good luck. xx

    • That was really hard to understand

    • lol Really quite easy. Do not pressure her and tell her when she is free to let you know. If she is texting and talking to you even now and not ignoring you, then it is good sign for this.:)) xxoo

  • I doubt you will drift apart if she said she likes you/


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