Is this being a hypocrite with a girl? Or second chance?

Well basically I was dating a girl last year.. In the biggest down patch of my life. Confidence/Assertiveness Completely gone and I put on a lot of weight.
A girl dumped me after a few weeks subtlety saying I was too sweet ( just protecting my feelings I assumed ) .
I have lost 10 kilograms ( 20 pounds ), got shredded and have my mojo back.
She is back on the scene and oddly wants to go on a date now, And I just see low value in her nowadays ( ironic the shoe is on the other foot ).
I do fine without her, though I admit I dont blame her for brushing me off, and she was fun...
Any advice?

  • Give her a look in ( every one deserves a second chance )
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  • Walk away
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  • Pump and dump
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To the girl that said pump and dump... Respect haha


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  • Forgive her but maybe this something that must take place. I wouldn't date her so quickly, i would tell her to take it slow rather. Surely things must be patched up such as communication. She needs to tell you what she's looking for in a guy and you need to understand her before dating. She can luke seasons and change on you. So get some pad and paper and give it try. If you have no attraction in her. Dont force it, rather keep your distance and forgive her. She lost her chance and now you must move on.


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  • she's totally using you dude. To dump someone because of body related issues? hell no.

    • Thanks sunshine, wasn't body related I had her in the bag with my fat bod, my head was just all over the place at the time

    • still, if it's real they stay, remember that :)

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